How To Earn Money By Playing BGMI Is A Very Simple Method 2021 The Best And Easiest Method PUBG

How to make money my playing BGMI!

In This era We Have Many Games To Fun And Kill The Time! But When I Tell You That You Can earn Money by playing your favorite game BGMI( battle ground mobile India)

It’s a Fun Battle Royal Game That We play  Multiplayer With Our Friends But Our Perents Strike about That! They Don’t Allow To Play Game They Said Us To Focus On Study’s But When I Say You can Make Money By Just Playing Pubg!(BGMI) No I am not Joking! I said that reality we Have many Jemps That Earn in caroors per Month By Just Playing Pubg But!

how you Make Money By Playing Pubg?

Your Mind is Full Of Questions Like:-

. How Can I Make Money By Pubg?

.Can I Really Make Money By Pubg?

.Is Pubg Safe For Career?

Let me answer It!

Yes You Can Make Money By Playing Pubg! But How? There is lot’s of Way to Make Money By Playing Pubg like tournament, sponsorship and contracts but I’ll tell you most practical ways to make money from Pubg!


How I can make money by playing just tournaments here is step by step ways to become most successful gamer

If you play tournaments then you grab attention of all audience right? So that you build your audience and after that you catch all to your social accounts like Instagram and Facebook so that there is your fan right! Now the time is for step now 2 

Now you grab your audience on social media and have very good audience so you are able to start a YouTube channel but how you can make money from There a YouTube money is second thing but you make money by just sponsership realy a very good amount of money sponsers pay for one type of audience like you have only gaming audience so that you are able to charge very high amount of money 

3.officialy partner with Pubg

Yes! You read right Pubg make officially partnership with you if you have audience and fans pung will pay you money for Playing there game because the massive catch of audience in Pubg! You grab it why Pubg pay me? That’s the question on your mind but think about it you say anything bad about Pubg so there audience of playing Pubg is getting down so here is best ways to make money by playing Pubg and there is a untoched Market of gaming is now in my mind there has potential to make you billionaire in one night how? You sale your own course of how to play Pubg properly? Or how to become profational in pubg? But why people buy your course because you have massive audience and you all audiences are massive truster! So they all buy your course and what are the success ratio to sell course there is 97.99 percent! Why? Because we know that all are putting money in pubg so that they definitely put money in your Course!

So here is best ways to monitize your gaming skill!

I hope this article is helpful for your

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